You have full control over how much you charge for your coaching. Although when you set your Fee it is shown in US Dollars as a per minute rate, all fees are converted and shown to members in their local currency as a per hour rate.

The Sterkla platform is US Dollar based, and so while we do convert and show fees in the member’s local currency, the actual amount charged to the member can vary slightly depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

You can change your fee at any time by tapping the “More” menu button…

Then tap “My Fees”

Here you can edit you fee…

NB! Should you opt in to participate in corporate coaching work, then your earning per hour will be determined by that corporate work and not your own fee.

To edit your Fee using our web application simply navigate to and click the Login/Register button.

Then click “Switch to Coach” –> hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner —> click “Settings” —> then click the “Settings” tab and click the edit pencil next to “Scheduling”.