To register as a coach on Sterkla, we require you to have a current accreditation with one or more of the following accreditation bodies. 

ICF (International Coach Federation)

EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)

AC (Association for Coaching) - Excluding Foundation Level

If you are not accredited with one of these bodies but feel you are adequately qualified to join Sterkla or you are accredited with another body that you feel has similar accreditation criteria, you may apply by selecting "OTHER" and we will consider your application on this basis.

If you have the credentials to join Sterkla, you may register by downloading the Sterkla app from the relevant app store and selecting the "Sign up as a coach" option.  Or by visiting and clicking on "Are you a Coach? Register Here" below the SIGN IN button.

If your application is successful, we will notify you and accept you into our onboarding program.  In the onboarding program, you will be connected with one of our coaches who will support you through your onboarding.  The final stage of onboarding will require you to deliver a "mock" coaching session, after which you will be evaluated.  If you are successful, you will then be welcomed into our coach community.