On completing your corporate coaching journey, you will need to invite coaches to join this journey in order to complete your live coaching sessions.

You'll be guided on the price to set for your coaching sessions based on the coaches you select. All of our coaches have chosen a price range they would be willing to accept.

When you select coaches on this step of you set-up, you will see the recommended price range start to alter, based on the coaches preferred rate.

You can decide upon the rate you would like to offer, and our algorithm will automatically let you know how many of your selected coaches are available at that price.

NB: once you have set your price and sent your invitation to the coaches, you are NOT able to edit the price. Please be sure you are comfortable with your price, and the number/selection of coaches you have.

*Note: you can use the search and filter feature on the selection page to view coaches details / accreditations / category of specialisation etc.