Once you have created your corporate coaching journey, you're ready to start inviting coaches to your journey, to guide and support your team.

Follow these steps to invite coaches to a corporate coaching journeys:

1. Toggle back to the 'My Journey List' page after creating your coaching journey and click on 'Invite Coaches'.

2. On landing on this page you will see a list of all coaches. You can use the 'search' or 'filter' tab to find coaches specifically for your needs.

3. Select coaches by ticking the box on the far right-hand side.

4. You will notice the recommended price range at the bottom of the page will start to update, based on the coaches you've selected.

5. Once you've selected all the coaches you'd like to participate in your coaching journey, it's time to set your rate you would like to offer the coaches.

6. You will then see how many of the original coaches you selected are available to you, based on your set price. You can alter this until you are content with the coaches and your price offering.

7. Once you are done, click on 'Send Invite' and an invitation to join your coaching journey will be sent to the selected coaches. NOTE: once you have set the price and sent the invitation, you are NOTE able to edit/change your set price.