Sterkla uses the word Journey describe a coaching process that includes multiple coaching sessions and even supporting content and resources.

You can use our Journey feature to customise the coaching process for employees.  You can decide how many coaching sessions (and the duration of each) you want to make available to your selected employees.  You also have the option to add videos, images and pdf's to support your employees where necessary.  The use of these additional content resources are optional.

To set up a Coaching Journey follow these steps...

For Affiliates

  1. If you are an Affiliate, Click "View Companies" 
  2. Then Click on the Journey Counter as shown in the image below
  3. Next Click "Add Journey"

For Client Companies

  1. If you are a client company the Click "View Journeys" from your dashboard.
  2. Next Click "Add Journey"

Next, complete the Journey overview information page as follows..

  1. Add the company logo as the Journey Image
  2. Enter in a Journey Title along with a Subtitle - this gives employees clarity on what it is all about, which can then be expanded on in the Description.
  3. Under the Coach Expectations section, add any instructions or relevant communication that invited coaches would need to know. This may include timing of sessions or emphasis on particular focus areas for example.
  4. Add any Pre-requisites that may be relevant, such as completing an assessment before beginning the coaching. 
  5. Lastly, clarify the Goals and Outcomes of the Journey. 
  6. Click "Next Step"


Next, add the coaching sessions (you can also optionally add video, images and pdfs to supplement the Journey) Once you have entered the section title you can begin building your Journey. 

  1. Enter in the Section title (If sections are not relevant, then you can just enter "Coaching" or whatever you feel is relevant).
  2.  Click "Live Coaching" to add a live coaching session.  If you are wanting make 10 coaching sessions available to each employee, then you will need to add 10 "Live Coaching" sessions. The "Live Coaching" pop up will give you the option of adding the session title, description and duration.  For session title, you can simply enter "Coaching Session 1", and for the description, you can communicate the timeframe within which the session should take place or anything else you want to communicate to your employees regarding this session.  For each "Live Coaching" session you add, your employees will be able to book a coaching session with their chosen coach.  
  3. Continue adding all your coaching sessions and any supplementary content you wish to add.  You can click and drag content to re-order it.  
  4. Once you are complete, you can click "Next Step" to review the Journey before clicking "Publish"