Once you have downloaded the mobile app and registered (NB! make sure you register with the same email address from which you were invite), follow these steps...

  • Open the app and tap "Library" from the bottom tool bar.

  •  Tap on the Journey (Course) you have been enrolled in under "My Journeys" (My Courses)

  • You will receive a pop up asking you to select your coach, tap "Select a Coach"

  • You will then be taken to a screen with a list of the available coaches. You may tap to view a coach's profile, book a free 15 min chemistry session or use our "Help me find a coach" feature to get 3 coaches recommended just for you.

  • Once you have decided on the coach you want to work with for the duration of your Journey (Course), tap "Select Coach" next to that coach's name.  This coach will now be assigned to you.
  • You may now continue and access the coaching by tapping on the Journey (Journey) and working your way through the content and coaching.  

NB! Please always book your coaching sessions from within the Journey and not from the coach's profile screen.