There are many coaches in the online coaching industry “selling” their services very aggressively and manipulating people into signing up or enrolling. Sterkla aims to change this, by bringing trust and credibility to this industry. Always choose moral and ethical ways to win clients by authentically building trust without pressure and manipulation. This will help you to sustainably build your personal brand on Sterkla.

Sterkla puts a lot of investment and energy into on-boarding new companies and individual members. Our responsibility to you is to grow our community to provide a captive audience for you. Your responsibility is to deliver excellent coaching, great Coaching Journeys and  post insightful content, and so win clients through trust and credibility. As a result, it is fundamental that you manage you own personal brand, ratings and reviews on Sterkla. Start by making sure that your profile clearly communicates your niche’ in a credible way. See this help file on Optimising your profile.

Then, post valuable content regularly. The post feed provides value to members from the start and gives them a reason to open Sterkla everyday. By posting, you can showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise to a captive audience who have expressed interest in you or your category. This will help you to start building trust with members. See this help file on What to post. By posting valuable content regularly, members are more likely to start feeling confident in your abilities as a coach and thus more likely to book an appointment with you.  Being active on the platform also helps you show up at the top of the Discover screen and in our recommendations to members.

Further to this, publishing a Journey helps to package your coaching offering into a “product” with a set prices, defined process and clear goals and outcomes. All of this helps to make coaching more tangible to potential clients. See this help file on What is unique about Sterkla Journeys? and this one one how to create a Journey.

As a coach, you cannot contact members unless they have chosen to follow you, follow your coaching category, enroll in your Journey, they message you or book an appointment with you. The reason for this is to avoid coaches harassing members and jostling to win over clients. We believe that your primary goal should be to deliver great coaching, great Journeys, post insightful, and not selling.