If you need to reschedule a booked appointment, you can simply cancel the appointment and ask your client to re-book for another time. When you cancel, they will be fully refunded.

To cancel an appointment tap “Appointments“…

Then tap the “Cancel” button on the appointment you want to cancel.

You will then receive a pop up asking you to enter your reason for cancelling. Your client will be informed of this via an email and in app notification.

You can then simply message your client from the Chat or from their profile under My Clients (tap "Console" then tap the "My Clients" tab), and ask them to re-book the appointment, if you haven’t already asked them in above pop up.

NB! If it is a new client, then we recommend that you message your client and give them some context around why you are cancelling prior to cancelling the appointment. You can do this by tapping on the appointment to open the appointment summary screen…

Then tap on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to access the message option

To reschedule an appointment using our web application simply navigate to http://www.sterkla.com and click the Login/Register button.

Then click “Appointments” —> and click on the appointment you want to reschedule, this will open the appointment pop up –> on the appointment pop up, hover your mouse over the 3 dots in the top right corner and click “Cancel Appointment” –> then message your client and ask them to reschedule.

Please note: If you cancel an appointment, your client will always be refunded in full.