Sterkla gives you full flexibility to set your own working hours. You have the option of setting morning and afternoon time slots per day. Tap the “More” button…

To set up or edit your working hours, simply tap “Scheduling”

Then tap “My Hours”

And set your preferred working hours…

If you would like to automatically allocate a 15 minute break between appointments, you can simply switch this feature on or off as shown below.

You can also sync Sterkla with your Google Calendar. This does not display any details from your Google Calendar, but simply blocks out times that overlap with your Google Calendar events.

If you don’t have a Google Calendar, you can follow this link to get started Google also has a number of options that allow you to synchronise other calendars, like Outlook, with your Google Calendar.

We highly recommend that you sync your Google Calendar with Sterkla to avoid having to reject appointment requests from potential clients. Rejecting appointment requests too often may negatively impact your reputation on Sterkla.

To edit these settings using our web application simply navigate to and click the Login/Register button.

Then click “Switch to Coach” –> hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner —> click “Settings” —> click the “Settings” tab —> then click the “Edit” pencil next to Scheduling.