All coaching happens via live video call.

NB!! Remember that if you are registered as a coach and a member, always make sure you access the correct “Appointments” screen for that call.

For example:

If you are the coach giving the coaching, then make sure you “Switch to Coach” (you will find this in the More” menu), —> then tap on the “Appointments” button.

If you are the member being coached, “Switch to Member” (you will find this in the “More” menu), —> then tap on the “Discover” button —> then tap the Appointments tab.

To start a video call simply tap on the green “Join Meeting Room” button on the Appointments screen (which will appear shortly before the appointment start time).

You will then enter the meeting room and as soon as the other person joins their video feed will appear.

To end the video call simply tap the red “End Call” button.

To have the video call using our web application, take a look at this Help File
Can I have the video call from my laptop?